Why the name Naftalina?

Deep roots and look to the future

Naphthalene was used in the past to keep the tissues from deterioration caused by the aggression of the weeds.
For us, it symbolizes the nature of restorative conservation intervention that involved Naftaline and has allowed the preservation of an ancient way of living and conceiving space.
The name also wants to be a tribute to Lina, one of the founders of our family, who has lived and protected this home from its origins.

Ancient living

Optical cements, stucco, vintage finishes, vintage furniture revisited in contemporary key

Enjoy our view

The ancient village, the trabucco, the sea, the ancient seminary, the colors of the sunset ...

Good old times

A journey into history and ancient traditions of the past. Do not miss the opportunity to make a real trip over time, simply living a home, our home