A coffee in a corner of history

Geometric floors and fluo-colors

At breakfast you will be welcomed in a room that tells the story of a family who, for almost 70 years, continues to gather this room to eat, tell, share affection. The circular table has been designed to allow guests to start their day in an intimate and familiar atmosphere.
Breakfast will be served from 8 am to 10 am. In case of different needs, we will know how to please you.

Tradition and quality

Discovering the flavors of the territory

At the table you will find food prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients and you will discover the gastronomic excellence of the territory, the result of the work of small companies we carefully selected.
For every season a fruit, for every holiday a sweet, to discover and know the excellence of our territory.

Taste, wellness and quality ingredients

We pay attention to your needs

On our table you will find typical sweets, tea, coffee, artisan jams, fruit, yogurt, cereals ...
If you have special dietary preferences, do not hesitate to inform us in time, we will be attentive to all your needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.)